Our Values

At First Assembly we have FIVE Core Values that guide us as we serve our community and work to further God's love around the world. Each one is rooted in Scripture, and has a real world application in our ministry.

Value #1: Teamwork

In 1 Cor. 12 we learn that the whole body of Christ (every Christian) has a job to do and a calling to fulfill. Each part of the body is vital and important. Without YOU we are not complete. At First Assembly we believe that it is better when we work together for God's Kingdom, and one of our primary goals is to help you discover that calling! 

Value #2: Vision Driven

In Phil. 4:19 God's word lets us know that God supplies all of our needs, and one of the most important needs in a church is VISION. We believe that God has already supplied the vision for His Church! We are to LOVE God with all that we are, LOVE people with all that we are, and reach the World with the Gospel. It's called the Great Commandment and Commission. We are co-missioning with the Holy Spirit to expand God's Kingdom everywhere!

Value #3: Risk Taking

In Phil 3:13-14 the Apostle Paul encourages us to forget what is behind us and press on to what God has for us in the future! That takes faith, and FAITH = RISK. There is no such thing as faith apart from risk. Another word for it might be adventure. Walking with God and living a life of faith was never meant to be boring. We were born to live on the edge! Walking with Jesus was intended to be the greatest journey of your life. At First Assembly we want to take that faith-filled risk taking adventure with you. Let's journey together. 

Value #4: A Healing Place

In Proverbs 12:18 the Bible says that the words of the wise bring healing. At First Assembly we believe that the church ought to be a place of healing for all nations. If you have experienced hurt, abuse, abandonment or neglect, our prayer is that you will come to church and connect with a love so powerful that you find the healing you so desperately long for. The church is a place to find healing and connect to the Healer, Jesus Christ. 

Value #5: A Safe Place

In Proverbs 18:10 Scripture is clear, God is our fortress. God is our strong-tower. God is our place of safety, and His house ought to be a safe place to run to when you need help. If your life isn't perfect...guess what...no perfect people attend this church. We are people who are on the journey just like you and need Jesus just as much as the next person. Don't have all the answers? That is ok...neither do we, but we do know the ONE who has the answers. This church seeks to be a place where it is safe for you to come to with your questions, your doubt, your curiosity, and your problems. We bring all of that to God's Word in prayer and He will show us the way. This is a safe place where it is ok to come even if you're not ok.